Home Inspection Services


1.) Inspection of all accessible systems . 
Grounds, exterior & interior foundation, garage, roof, attic & roof structure, electrical, heating & cooling, plumbing, structural, crawlspace & basement, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, living room, kitchen and fireplaces. The duration is about 2-4 hours depending on the size, age and complexity of the building;

2.) Homeowner's Manual e-book to help you understand the workings of your house - its key systems and components, how they work and how they fit together. Download here.
3.) Home Care, A Guide to Repair and Maintenance e-book to help you keep your home in good condition and guide you through common repairs. Download here.

4.) The Safe Home Book e-book filled with essential tips and facts that every family needs to live safety and comfortably in their home, from child safety and home maintenance advice indoors, to landscaping recommendations and risk-free entertaining outdoors. This e-book will become your go-to guide to help you protect both your investment and your family.  

5.) Home Maintenance Monthly e-Newsletter containing informative articles on home maintenance and building science.

6.) Emergency Phone Consultation to provide you with any technical advice anytime!

7.) Property Permit Search. Assist in accessing list of all permits issued by City of Winnipeg after 1999.

8.) We'll Buy Back Your Home Guarantee program. If we miss anything, we'll buy the home at its full purchase price! Please read Buy Back for more details.

9.) Inspection Report that contains photos and descriptions of visible defects, maintenance recommendations, life expectancies of various systems and components. The inspection report will be emailed to you within 2-3 working days. 
10.) Green Certification designates homes that use design features, technologies, and products that make homes healthier, more environmentally friendly and economically smarter than the average home. 

11.) MoveInCertified.com Yard Sign

Home Inspections Packages
Thank you for your interest at Mr. Peg Property Inspections for your home inspection requirements. We are pleased to present our proposal for your review, please click HOME INSPECTION SERVICES for more information. The inspection packages within City of Winnipeg are as follows:
Green Certified Inspection (for new home construction and deep energy retrofit)
        G1: MoveInCertified.com Green Certification, Items 1-11
Home Inspection Packages (for existing homes)
         A1:  Inspection with Report, Items 1-9
         A2:  Inspection with Checklist only, Items 1-7
         A3:  Condo Inspection with Report, Items 1-9
         A4:  Condo Inspection with Checklist only, Items 1-7            
We encourage you to read the reports electronically but you may still purchase printed copies for ยข50/page. Net proceeds will be donated to Caring for the Environment - Manitoba (CEM), Inc.

Acceptable modes of payment 
        Interac e-transfer, Check, or Cash

Please read our Standards of Practice and sign the Inspection Agreement prior to the inspection date. Booking an appointment will be considered as indicating that you accept the terms and conditions of the Inspection Agreement. Please call 204-930-3737 or email [email protected] if you have further question.


Norman A. Garcia, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C
Green Building Inspector
MR. PEG Property Inspections Inc.
Saving our Planet, One Inspection at a Time!